Our Vision & Mission

For Kipps "Customer is not King", customer is "God"

"Atithi Devo Bhava" is what the belief of the Company. No doubt there are several factors which determine the success of any brand. But in the case of Kipps it's the personal touch and relationship which the company is able to develop with it's customers that have played a pivotal role in generating customer loyalty and enchanting the brand value of the sweet house. The onus of the company is to serve the customer in the best possible manner and to reduce the customer waiting time as much as possible.

Hall of Fame

In 1972 the Khandelwals made a new beginning with Kipps Sweets and Confectionery House. The business garnered huge success and soon they were ready to venture out to other diverse fields. What followed was a saga of unending success and rewarding ventures. Kipps Sweets and Confectionery House, Khandelwal Sales Corporation, Modern Packers, Kipps Sales Pvt. Ltd., Kipps Complex and Kipps Enclave, Kipps Confectioners Pvt. Ltd., Kipps Motors (P) Ltd., Kipps Auto Service, and a dealership of the Hero Honda Motors, Kipps Supermarkets and Oceans restaurant are the flourishing undertakings that are taking the Khandelwal name to dizzying heights.

As small beginnings lead to big time results, Kipps Group has now come a long way and runs shoulder to shoulder with top market icons with a turnover of Rs 50 crores and above. Kipps believes in organising, operating and assuming the risk for a business venture, because for kipps, "Business is a game of skills, where risks and rewards, both are of great importance." This approach has brought numerous accolades and awards to Kipps.

Kipps Sales Pvt. Ltd has many rewards and adulations under its belt. Recipient of the North Zone Best Dealer award in 1987-89, North Zone Best Customer Service award for 1989, Dealer of Excellence award 1993, Sriram Honda Outstanding Sales Performance award in1999, Hero Star award for 2000-01, Daewoo-Super Dealer award 2000-01 and Certificate of Excellence from Hero Honda Motors Ltd. Kipps Sales Pvt Ltd has established itself as a name to reckon with. And the latest addition to the long list of honours is the Asia-Oceania Country award-2004 for outstanding achievement presented by the Honda Motor Company in Japan. "Our performance in the automobile sector has been greatly appreciated by our respective companies and subsequently we have been honoured with many awards," states Khandelwal proudly.

Our Belief

"UNITED WE STAND" We strongly believes that "United we stand" in implementing all our ventures. The growth and developmentand the accomplished success of the Kipps in such diverse projects is the result of the trust and financial and emotional support of Kipps family. It is the unity between the Kipps family that scripted our success story,"

Striving For More

Talking about more ventures and projects on the anvil, Kipps announces, "Giving a whole new dimension to the entertainment and recreation options for the people of Bareilly, We are planning to open a multiplex and shopping mall on the outskirts of the city. We are hopeful that Bareilly will continue to take giant strides in the field of development and emerge as a powerhouse in the years to come," foretells the visionary.